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Bow Wow Continues Ongoing Twitter War With Various Wrestlers After Revealing WWE Aspirations

It was previously reported that following the recent success of Grammy-award Winning Rapper Bad Bunny in WWE, most notably in his appearances in the Royal Rumble Event and on Monday Night RAW, as well as his apparent future with the company, Rapper/Actor Bow Wow has also shown some interest in pursuing a career in pro wrestling.

Bow Wow took to his Twitter and said once he releases his last album, he will focus on tv and film as well as joining the WWE as it’s been a life long childhood dream of his to wrestle in the WWE. Rapper Bow Wow also said on his Twitter that he will team up with WWE legend Rey Mysterio vs. whoever in WWE for the Tag Team Titles.

Bow Wow’s comments didn’t sit well for a number of WWE Stars, including RETRIBUTION member T-Bar, who said, “It doesn’t sound crazy.” ” It is crazy.” “Don’t make us destroy you.” “Also Like Mike sucked.”

Bow Wow then responded back to T-Bar and said, “Are you mad because ill become champ faster than you? Or are you mad that like mike is more legendary than you will ever be?”

T-Bar then responded to Bow Wow and told him, “Those sound like fighting words Air Bud. Why don’t you fly your “private jet” down to the @WWE ThunderDome and back them up?”

Bow Wow responded to T-Bar once again and tell the member of RETRIBUTION, “Sounds like the BANE stand in wants the smoke?” “Was that a challenge sir?”

A second member of RETRIBUTION, MACE would also respond to Bow Wow’s comments and say, “YOU WILL NEED MORE THAN TWITTER FINGERS AND MICHAEL JORDAN SNEAKERS LITTLE ROMEO,” to which Bow Wow said, ” And you two are gonna need more than eye contacts and fake party city masks to scare the dawg!” “Do I smell a tag match?…….sign the contract!”

Bow Wow also caught then attention of former WWE U.S. Champion Ricochet, who told him, “Bow Wow don’t want the smoke!,” to which Bow Wow replied, “Say it live on RAW if you mean it. Pen is in hand.” @WWE

You can check out the Twitter exchange below:

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