Brandi Rhodes On Special Moment With Cody

Brandi Rhodes On Special Moment She Shared With Cody At ALL IN (Photo)

Brandi Rhodes took to social media to comment on a special moment she shared with her husband, Cody Rhodes, in the ring at the ALL IN event on the weekend.

Brandi was ringside for Cody’s big NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship victory over Nick Aldis on Saturday night and commented about the success of the event and kissing her husband in the middle of the ring after his dreams were realized.

“Over 10,000 people behind you all the way is an amazing feeling,” wrote Brandi via her official Twitter page. “Trending #1 in the world is an incredible feeling as well. But kissing my husband after watching his dreams become realized…that feeling just can’t be beat.”

She added, “What a week! One of the best of our lives. #AllIn.”

The tweet included a photo of Brandi and Cody in the ring following his NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship victory, as they kissed and shared a special moment together in front of the world. Check out the photo below.

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