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Braun Strowman Receiving Backstage Heat in WWE For Controversial Tweets

— Braun Strowman recently hit up social media with multiple tweets that rubbed people the wrong way, targeting wrestlers who rely on a high flying style by claiming that giant wrestlers are better while at the same time putting over his match against Omos at Crown Jewel as a classic. Several wrestlers took exception publicly by responding to Strowman’s now deleted tweets, including Chris Jericho, Will Ospreay and Mustafa Ali.

— reports that apart from that public display, there is significant backstage heat on Strowman from within WWE for his social media activity. While sources report that Strowman has been on his “best behavior” since returning to WWE and has been easy to work with, his behavior online isn’t sitting well behind the scenes.

— One person in WWE noted that Strowman’s approach was “immature” and that it was not part of any angle or storyline nor is it likely to be turned into one as it was simply Strowman going rogue on his own. However, it’s possible that WWE wrestlers or announcers could still reference his behavior by ribbing him on camera or on commentary. One wrestler, who is not known as a high flyer, noted that Strowman’s tweet should never have gone out and that Strowman’s stance on trashing wrestlers not like him likely comes from him not being able to relate or understand where they are coming from.

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