Braun Strowman Shocks WWE's German Announcers (VIDEO)

Braun Strowman Shocks German Interviewers By Biting Giant Pineapple (Video)

In one of the funnier additions to WWE’s official YouTube channel on Monday features “The Monster Among Men.”

Braun Strowman is featured in a new video on WWE’s official YouTube channel that was released on Monday morning where he takes part in an interview with WWE’s German announcers / interviewers.

During the interview, Strowman takes a solid bite out of a giant pineapple, leaving the German interviewers in disbelief.

The video is titled “Braun Strowman leaves German WWE announcers stunned,” and features the following official description: “German WWE Network announcers Tim Haber and Calvin Knie comfort Braun Strowman with fresh fruit, but didn’t expect The Monster of Men’s takes a big bite a whole pineapple.”

Check out the complete video below. Social Media Interaction



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