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Bray Wyatt Reportedly Could Be Returning to WWE Soon

— With Vince McMahon out and Triple H in as leading WWE’s creative and talent teams, there has been a reversal in the way the company has been assessing the current roster of talent. Key wrestlers that were previously released under the McMahon regime are slowly being brought back by Triple H and rumors are now running rampant that Bray Wyatt could be the next one to return. is reporting that Wyatt’s name has been discussed and even pitched for a return now that McMahon is gone as many of the issues that he had stemmed directly with Vince himself. McMahaon was apparently said to be “done” with Wyatt and ended up simply not liking him personally, often shouting criticism at Wyatt about his physique. Most observers believed McMahon’s reaction was due to Wyatt not sugar coating anything and criticizing the creative direction of his stories and characters (when they were bad), which McMahon took as a wrestler who was “difficult” to work with. The Randy Orton-Bray Wyatt storyline was supposed to culminate in a win for the latter so that Orton could take time off but the finish was changed the day before because Vince not only had no long-term ideas for Wyatt, but it seemed to already be a conclusion that Wyatt was gone from WWE.

— When WWE released Bray, it was Vince’s circle of officials who started the negative rumors of him as a way to justify why the company let him go, however, people who worked directly with Wyatt deny that he had a bad attitude. Even when Wyatt’s name was brought up post-release as someone WWE could possibly consider bringing back, Vince would have none of it. With Triple H now in charge, the consensus seems to be that Wyatt will fit in much better with the new leadership even though nobody really knows what sort of relationship the two share. However, sources note that with Triple H, he is willing to start everyone off on a clean slate even if there’s any past negative history with Vince McMahon or himself.

— For what it’s worth, it appears Bray Wyatt hasn’t closed the door on WWE as he has largely stayed under the radar and doesn’t have interest in returning to IMPACT Wrestling. Talent who have commented on the situation said they would “go to bat” for him if necessary to bring back to the company but felt he didn’t need anyone stepping up on his behalf. Those close to Wyatt have also begun to get very “quiet” when asked to comment on any rumors when previously they would aggressively shoot down stories, such as earlier reports about his mental health and speculation of negotiations with promotions.

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