Bray Wyatt’s Post-WrestleMania Absence Was Medical in Nature

It was previously reported that Bray Wyatt was released by the WWE a few days ago and the reason that was given was due to budget cuts. Wyatt was reportedly preparing to make his WWE TV return and he was even advertised to make an appearance on a few shows in August to help him prepare for his WWE return by getting him in in-ring shape. A picture of Bray Wyatt was even posted on social media showing that he is in great shape ahead of his return.

When the WWE was advertising Wyatt for live events, no exact timetable was provided on his return and officials in the WWE said that he was being held off of WWE TV for a specific reason, which was later revealed to be something medical and nothing to do with creative.

There was a report that stated that Wyatt had just been medically cleared to return to in-ring action and as he was about to make his return, WWE officials evaluated his situation and Wyatt was told that due to budgetary reasons he was being cut. It was also stated that since Wyatt is another talent with a high salary just like Braun Strowman that was the reason that was given, whether it may be the real reason or not.

Since Bray Wyatt is likely under a 90-day non-compete clause with WWE, he will only be able to appear or compete for other pro wrestling companies after the end of October.

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