Breezango Talks To Real Sport 101

Breezango On Why They Feel The Fashion Files Is Getting Over With WWE Fans

WWE Superstars Fandango and Tyler Breeze (Breezango) recently spoke with the folks from Real Sport 101 for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On how the ‘Fashion Files’ sets them apart from the rest of the WWE roster:

Fandango: “I think we’ve obviously had segments and wrestling matches on Raw and SmackDown just being single competitors, but I think doing the Fashion Files weekly right now brings a different entity to the SmackDown show. It’s something different, it’s comedic relief between matches, so it’s kind of something that separates us from the rest of the roster. It’s bringing something different to SmackDown every week, and we take pride in making these skits as funny as possible every week. We really take it seriously. But I think, like, when we’re getting ready to film the Fashion Files every week, we’re just two dudes having fun backstage. And it’s not overly micromanaged, where we have to perfectly hit everything on the script. It’s pretty much us getting some material and just having fun with it and trying to make it our own. I think it really comes across as us just having a good time. The looser it is, the more fun it is, and that’s when the best material comes out.”

On whether or not they have opponents in mind for a dream match:

Fandango: : “Earthquake and Typhoon? We pretty much based our entire careers, our whole tag team style, on Earthquake and Typhoon [Laughs].”

Tyler Breeze: “Alright, it’s like, I don’t see the connection there, but okay [laughs].”

On if they feel they have unfinished business in NXT or do they feel SmackDown Live is where they belong right now:

Tyler Breeze: “It’s kind of a mixture of both. I think, especially at the time, when NXT was becoming what it is today, I like to think I was an integral part of that. If you look, Neville was NXT Champion, Sami Zayn was NXT Champion, and Tyler Breeze never was. Yeah! It’s one of those things where if I really thought about it, or if I wanted it bad enough, there’s always some unfinished business there. But SmackDown Live, we’ve got some unfinished business there as well: those SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships. We came close before with the Usos a couple of times. I think it’s time we get back in there as well.”

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