Bret Hart Talks To The Calgary Herald

Bret Hart On Being Lied To By People In WWE, His Original Wrestling Goals

As noted, WWE Hall Of Famer Bret Hart recently spoke with The Calgary Herald for an interview. Below are some additional highlights.

On being lied to by people he worked with in WWE for years during the Montreal Screwjob incident: “To be lied to and screwed over legitimately by people that I had worked so hard for, I think it’s always been a black eye on them, not me. Everything I said was true, everything that I said happened, it happened the way it did.”

On his initial goals when getting into the wrestling business: “I got into wrestling to make some money, see the world, and meet girls. I accomplished that. Those were my initial goals. When I look back on everything, I’m really amazed by my career. I had so many wonderful guys that I worked with and great matches, that’s what was most important to me — and the fans. I had a great fan base across the country and around the world.”

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