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Bret Hart Details Unique Relationship Between British Bulldog & Dynamite Kid On “Confessions Of The Hitman” Podcast

WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart spoke about the relationship between Davey Boy Smith Jr. (British Bulldog) and Dynamite Kid on the latest episode of his Confession of the Hitman program. Highlights can be found below.

How Dynamite Kid was kind of a bully:

Well, Dynamite and Davey were actually cousins. They lived about a block away from each other in two different counties or two different townships. Davey was from a place called Golborne [Lancashire, England], I think, and Dynamite was from [Wigan, Manchester, England]. Anyway, they were not that close of friends growing up. Dynamite, I think, was always a bit of a bully and a bit of a hard kid. He was always hard, tough. I think he was one of those guys who had a chip on his shoulder, had a bit of a small man complex, but he was an amazing wrestler.

Says that Dynamite Kid was jealous of Davey Boy Smith:

Dynamite ended up learning a style [of wrestling] and Davey ended up following in Dynamite’s footsteps, going through the same training school.” Hart continued, “And Dynamite, in my opinion, was always a little jealous of Davey. Davey was very innocent and a naïve kind of kid. Yeah, I think he really looked up to Dynamite and wanted to emulate Dynamite. He thought Dynamite was like a big brother to him, and Dynamite often was a big brother to him.

Thinks Davey Boy was at his best in Stampede Wrestling:

I think Davey, when he wrestled in Stampede Wrestling, looked his best and was wrestling his best. When he went to WWF, I felt he got too big. He was a really fast, skilled wrestler, and he went on to become a cement-truck-parking kind of thing.” Hart recalled, “[Smith] had much less maneuverability, but he liked being the strongman, and he was really strong.

How the Bulldogs used to flip cars when they were intoxicated:

[Smith] and Dynamite were both very strong. I can remember going to clubs and stuff, and when they would leave the bar, they would turn cars over upside-down in the parking lot. You always go out to the car and go ‘the Bulldogs had been here’ because there’d be a car flipped completely upside-down.” Hart remembered, “They were like that all the time.

Thinks Dynamite Kid corrupted Davey Boy:

I think, unfortunately, Davey was kind of a naïve, innocent kind of guy. He did become a little bit corrupted by Dynamite. It was a very hard edge, kind of; he was a guy who always had a chip on his shoulder.” Hart added, “Davey was very impressionable, and Dynamite made a really bad impression. A really good one, but a bad one on who Davey would become. I mean, Davey was always a good guy. He was like having a big, friendly Doberman Pinscher that you let him play with another dog for a while and now he’s not very friendly anymore. Davey kind of turned into that, where he was sort of more aggressive and he had a different attitude.

Full episode can be found here. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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