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Bret Hart On Dreaming About Wrestling Kurt Angle, Harmful Surgery He Had In 2015’s “Extra Mustard” blog and spoke about Kurt Angle being the one guy he wishes he could have faced that he never had the chance to before he was forced into retirement.

“Since retiring, there’s only been one time I actually dreamed about wrestling. In my dream, I was wrestling against Kurt Angle. I had him clamped in a headlock. I was breathing hard and I remember telling myself: ‘This is only a dream, it’s not real.’ But the longer I held Kurt in a headlock, I started to believe it was real. I focused on a square inch of fabric on the canvas and studied it. In my dream, I remember feeling this excitement telling myself that this was real, that I had Kurt Angle in a side headlock somewhere. Then, seconds later, I simply woke up. It was a dream. It would’ve been pretty cool for me to have that one chance to wrestle Kurt Angle one time.”

Additionally, the WWE Hall Of Famer talked about a wrist operation he had in 2015 that ended up doing him more harm than good.

“I still do a bit of drawing. In fact, I’ve been exploring my artistic side lately. I’ve taken up sculpting. I thought it might help the nerves in my hands. Sadly, it was just about this time last year, in November of 2015, that I had wrist surgery. Instead of helping me, the surgery cost me the use of my finger and my thumb in my right hand when the surgeon severed a nerve. It’s been devastating because I love to draw and I love to write, and I now have trouble even holding a pen or signing an autograph.”

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