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Brian Myers To Challenge Kenny Omega Or Christian Cage For IMPACT Title At Emergence 2021

There is a new number one contender to the IMPACT Championship.

Whomever emerges victorious in the IMPACT Championship match between Kenny Omega and Christian Cage on the debut episode of AEW Rampage on Friday night will be advancing to defend their title against the new number one contender for the promotion — Brian Myers.

Myers won the number one contender battle royal in the main event of this week’s IMPACT On AXS show to earn a shot at the IMPACT Champion at next week’s IMPACT Emergence special event.

The winner of the Omega-Christian match for the IMPACT title at AEW Rampage will be appearing on next week’s IMPACT On AXS show to confront Myers about the Emergence match.

Featured below is a detailed recap of the number one contender battle royal main event from the 8/12 episode of IMPACT On AXS.

Number One Contender Battle Royal

We head back inside the IMPACT Zone where Eddie Edwards’ theme hits and the longtime fan-favorite in IMPACT Wrestling makes his way down to the ring as it is time to get ready for our main event of the evening.

On that note, we head to another commercial break. When we return, we see Moose wrapping up his ring entrance and then Sami Callihan’s theme hits and out he comes. The ring is already filled up with the rest of the participants in what is the advertised battle royal to decide the next challenger for the IMPACT Championship at next week’s Emergence special.

As soon as Callihan hits the ring the action gets underway. Suicide is immediately eliminated, as is Johnny Swinger and a third participant, as W. Morrissey makes a big impression with multiple eliminations straight out of the gate.

Everyone gangs up on Morrissey but he ends up breaking free from the attack. The fans chant Moose’s name and he joins in with everyone else in the battle royal. The entire collective works on eliminating Morrissey. They do and afterwards we head to a mid-match commercial break as the action in our main event number one contender battle royal continues.

When we return from the break we see highlights again of W. Morrissey being eliminated by everyone. Striker and D’Lo talk among themselves about who the favorite is now that he is no longer in the picture. D’Lo says Moose or possibly Eddie Edwards or Sami Callihan.

The action continues with the camera focus switching around to show different brawls taking place within all of the madness still taking place in the ring. The commentators talk about the Omega-Christian showdown on tomorrow night’s AEW Rampage premiere and then Petey Williams is eliminated.

Moose and No Way are shown duking it out after working together for a bit. Swann and Deaner are thrown over the top but land on the ring apron. They trade shots at eventually Swann knocks Deaner off to eliminate him. Another VBD member knocks Swann out. Rhino is thrown out by Willie Mack.

Madman Fulton is duking it out with Moose. Ace Austin runs over to help him out. D’Lo points out that Ace is running around hiding behind Fulton. Callihan appears to yank an earring out of Moose’s ear. Striker speculates that Fallah Bahh is the new favorite in this one, as he will be the hardest to throw out.

No Way gets eliminated and Bahh and Fulton start to duke it out. Bahh ends up clotheslining Fulton over the top-rope to eliminate him. Moose works on eliminating Bahh. He does. The fans chant for Moose afterwards. Callihan and Edwards work together to eliminate Moose but the big man hangs on.

Trey Miguel is nearly eliminated but he hangs on. The commentators note that we’re down to our last eight guys in this battle royal. They say now things should get interesting. Miguel works on eliminating Sam Beale but Brian Myers runs over and saves him. Chris Sabin is shown pounding away on Ace Austin.

Edwards hits a nice backpack stunner on Myers and then he looks to eliminate him. Sam Beale runs over and makes the save. Moose ends up knocking Eddie Edwards off the top-rope to eliminate him from the battle royal. Sabin and Moose go under the bottom rope and now they are duking it out on the floor at ringside.

Myers throws out his own buddy in Beale. He celebrates as he backs up into Callihan. Callihan hits a piledriver on Myers but then Ace Austin blasts him with a super kick. Callihan nearly eliminates Ace Austin but he skins the cat and yanks Callihan over the top and onto the apron. The two slug it out on the ring apron.

Fulton comes over and hoists Austin on his shoulders to help but Callihan still kicks him off to eliminate him. Moose runs over and knocks Callihan off the apron to eliminate him. Sabin gets back in the ring and blasts Moose with kicks until the big man hits a chokeslam that stops him dead in his tracks.

Moose hoists Sabin up onto his shoulder and looks to eliminate him but Sabin holds on. He gets on Moose’s back and slaps on a sleeper as the fans chant “This is awesome!” D’Lo points out on commentary that he’s never heard one of those chants during a battle royal. Myers re-enters the ring and throws Moose and Sabin both out to steal the win.

Striker then apologizes for calling Myers a moron. Myers pulls a fast one on everyone to pick up the victory and become the new number one contender. With the win he will move on to challenge either Kenny Omega or Christian Cage for the IMPACT Championship at next week’s IMPACT Emergence. The show goes off the air on that note. Thanks for joining us!

Winner and NEW No. 1 Contender to IMPACT Championship: Brian Myers

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