The Stooges with Mr. McMahon

Brisco On Pat Patterson Not Liking “Stooge” Label, Scouting Lesnar For WWE

WWE Hall Of Famer Gerald Brisco recently appeared as a guest on Sean “X-Pac” Waltman’s 1-2-3 Podcast for an in-depth interview.

During the interview, Brisco recalled fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Pat Patterson not caring for the infamous “Stooge” label the duo became famous for on WWE television alongside Vince McMahon during the WWE’s Attitude Era.

“Pat Patterson hated hearing that word. He hated it. I used to rib Pat all the time. I said, Pat you and I worked for twenty years in our careers trying to have a reputation as good workers. Now forever in the history of wrestling we’ll go down as two stooges. He’d say, don’t say that! I said, man you’re labeled now. You’re a stooge.”

Additionally, the longtime WWE talent scout spoke about originally scouting Brock Lesnar many years ago.

“I called J and he said, no [Brock] is going to stay here another year. He’s going to win a national title. J said, do me a favor, don’t let Brock know that you’re interested in him because I don’t want him losing focus, He’s got a tendency to lose focus and he’s going to win me a national championship next year.”

Check out the complete Gerald Brisco interview at iTunes.

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