Britt Baker Discusses Developing Her Character

During her recent conversation with TalkSport, AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker discussed Rebel’s status after a recent injury scare. Baker also shared a few thoughts on the development of her own character, and more. Check out Britt’s comments below.

On Rebel’s recent injury scare:

“I was kind of unaware what was going on [in the ring]. I had a lot going on too because I got powerbombed through a table, so that was miserable. So we met back up in the medical room. I was in there after the table bump, she was in there because her knee popped out. But, as a team, we had a nice little squat in the back, got the knee popped right back in. We had a nice little shot to celebrate and, you know, Reba is a trooper! She’s a badass. We hung out the rest of the night, had a couple of drinks and some food and of course, she’s got some soreness, some swelling, this and that but she’s good to go. She’s going to be fine.”

On the people who have helped her develop her character:

“Me, Rebel and Tony Schiavone are like the three amigos in a way. Reba is the best accent piece to my character imaginable. Rebel and Tony Schiavone, are so dedicated to their roles in AEW it’s like a contagious passion for wrestling. To be the person that the bully gangs up on and beats up, but you have to be loyal to them, that’s a tough thing to really stay dedicated to and they both are. I can’t speak enough about them, because I wouldn’t be Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D without them. They are a part of me and everything I do.”

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