Brock Lesnar is Officially a Free Agent; WWE Stops Selling His Merchandise

— Brock Lesnar is now officially a free agent, according to multiple independent sources with his wrestling contract with WWE ending immediately after WrestleMania 36 and no new deal signed despite multiple rounds of negotiations. The two sides have now stopped discussions but the belief is that when WWE wants Lesnar back (or possibly but less likely when Lesnar wants to return), the parties will begin working towards a new contract at that time. From WWE’s standpoint, they are in no hurry to bring back Brock while still airing their shows in front of empty arenas. This would not be the first time that Lesnar was without a contract and it’s also believed that when the time is right for a return, WWE will likely pay him whatever it takes.

— With Lesnar’s contract expiring, his merchandising deal is also done so WWE has gone ahead and pulled all his merchandise from and currently if you search for him on the site, it brings back no results.

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