Steve Lombardi Appears On Prime Time With Sean Mooney

Brooklyn Brawler Recalls Funny Behind-The-Scenes Story From Old WWE Days With Vince McMahon

As noted, former longtime enhancement talent and behind-the-scenes WWE official, Steve “Brooklyn Brawler” Lombardi recently appeared as a guest on the Prime Time with Sean Mooney podcast for an in-depth interview. Featured below are some of the additional highlights from the show.

On a funny story about Vince McMahon asking him to portray Doink The Clown to fill-in for the wrestler scheduled to play him for one show: “When you think of all the character I’ve done. Wanna hear a Vince story? My phone rings at home I pick it up I go ‘hello?’ “How ya doing pal it’s Vince.’ I go, ‘yeah Vince whatever you need.’ He goes, ‘I need you to take care of this.’ And I said, ‘well what do you mean?’ He goes, ‘I need you to fly to Calgary and wrestle Bret Hart in the main event.’ He was the world champion at the time. He goes, ‘as Doink.’ That’s what he told me, I never had paint on my face I never did the Doink character or nothing. I said, ‘Vince I have no problem wrestling Bret I’ve wrestled him before, but it’s the paint job.'”

On his thoughts on the story: “This is all in one day. Fly to Stamford go to the studio get the little lesson, give me a picture, give me all the paints, then fly to Cleveland, go to baggage claim, get the hand-off of the suit, go back onto the plane, get into Calgary, you gain three hours in Calgary — that’s what made this possible because you got the hour difference, the time difference. Oh my god. The scariest thing was the paint job. Because Doink was the hottest heel at that time so as soon as they hit the music Doink was over at that time as a heel.”

Check out the complete episode of Prime Time with Sean Mooney featuring the Steve “Brooklyn Brawler” Lombardi interview at

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