Bruce Prichard On Backstage Issues In TNA With Hogan, Flair, Foley, & Sting

Bruce Prichard broke a lot of news about behind-the-scenes issues in TNA on the latest edition of the Something To Wrestle With podcast. According to Prichard, some of the biggest names to ever work for the company had problems and quit on bad terms. He also indicated that TNA has been issuing paychecks late for more than three years.

“Hogan had some pay issues during his time there,” Prichard said. He revealed that Ric Flair quit the company via a text message, and that Mick Foley was very upset with the company when he requested his release. Foley left the company in 2011, and Flair left in 2012. In Flair’s case, Prichard said the company would bait-and-switch him with plans for TV and Flair grew frustrated with it.

Prichard added that Dixie Carter viewed Sting as TNA’s biggest star, and she would “beg” Sting to re-sign and work more dates for the company than originally agreed on.

During his time in WWE, Prichard worked closely with Vince McMahon and served as a writer and agent. He held several executive roles in TNA from 2010 to 2013, and says that one big difference between the companies is how they treat their talent. Prichard revealed that “some people” in TNA upper-management “didn’t give a shit” about the talent as human beings.

Prichard speaks at-length about backstage issues in TNA on the podcast, which you can listen to in it’s entirety on iTunes.

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