Shawn Michaels and Tammy "Sunny" Sytch

Bruce Prichard Talks In-Depth About Infamous Shawn Michaels & Sunny Rumors

During the latest episode of his “Something To Wrestle With” podcast, former longtime WWE executive Bruce Prichard spoke about the rumors of Shawn Michaels and Tammy “Sunny” Sytch having a relationship behind-the-scenes in the 1990s.

“There were rumors and innuendo all over the place about her relationship with Shawn,” said the former WWE employee who also worked on-camera as the infamous “Brother Love” character. “Oh God, I don’t know, but I mean, everybody was talking about it. It’s not like they were hiding it. She probably thinks they were hiding it well.”

Prichard continued, “Everybody suspected it, there were a lot of rumor and innuendo about it, and they didn’t hide their affection in public. It was very obvious and the general sentiment of the locker room and everybody else was more of not, ‘oh my God, they’re over there f–king’ was ‘poor Chris [Candido]’ because it just put Chris in a bad light. It put him in a horrible, awkward position.”

According to Prichard, Chris Candido, the late pro wrestler who was dating Sytch at the time, knew of her alleged affair with The Heartbreak Kid and chose to do nothing about it.

“He definitely, I mean, suspected it and he definitely heard the rumors, and definitely was internally battling it constantly on a daily basis,” said Prichard. “Jesus Christ, being there, you felt horrible for him because you want to shake him. Well, he could have walked away from her and walked away from the situation.” Prichard added, “he knew. He definitely knew. And it ate him up.”

“The fact that he did nothing, people got to the point where they stopped feeling sorry for him and were kind of like, ‘okay, dumbass, if you’re not going to do anything, you’re going to let this little girl run all over you and do this s–t in your face, then you don’t deserve anybody to feel bad for you because you’re letting it happen and you’re not doing anything about it.'”

Prichard added, “[doing] nothing basically made the situation worse for [Candido] and the way the guys looked at him. And then, it became the viewpoint of Sunny and Shawn, kind of like, ‘well, the boyfriend doesn’t care. Why should we care?'”

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