Bruce Prichard On WWE Never Using The Rock’s Brahma Bull Title Belt, CM Punk’s Attitude

Ex-WWE producer and Vince McMahon’s former “right-hand man” Bruce Prichard recently revealed why The Rock’s custom World Title belt never made it to TV. WWE had created a signature WWE World Title belt for The Great One, similar to Stone Cold’s “Smoking Skulls” belt, featuring The Rock’s “Brahma Bull” logo.

Prichard took fan questions on the latest episode of his Something to Wrestle With podcast, and he revealed that The Rock’s signature Title belt took so long to get made that by the time it was completed, The Rock already lost the Championship. The belt has been sitting in the WWE warehouse since then, and the company has never used it in front of an audience.

Prichard also talked about CM Punk’s departure from WWE, and noted that he felt Punk generated more heat with WWE management than with the crowds. He said he always liked Punk, and feels that he’s a nice guy who sometimes carries himself like an “asshole.” Prichard called Punk an interesting guy and a “hell of a talent.”

You can listen to the Something to Wrestle With podcast at AudioBoom.

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