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Bryan Danielson Partly Behind CM Punk’s Termination From AEW

A Decade Later: CM Punk’s WWE Comeback

In a surprising twist of events, wrestling sensation CM Punk has made a triumphant return to WWE, marking the end of a ten-year hiatus. This move comes on the heels of a tumultuous stint with AEW, culminating in a series of backstage incidents that led to Punk’s termination. Let’s delve into the details.

The Discipline Committee’s Role in Punk’s AEW Departure

Reports from Fightfulselect.com shed light on a “discipline committee” pivotal to Punk’s exit from AEW. Contrary to initial beliefs, AEW’s Chief Legal Officer, Megha Parekh, was not involved; she had already stepped back from her duties. Instead, AEW’s General Counsel, Chris Peck, took charge, assisted by a third-party attorney and AEW talent Bryan Danielson.

Bryan Danielson: A Moral Compass on the Disciplinary Committee

Danielson, described as an “appropriate moral compass who exemplifies objectivity” by an AEW source, played a crucial role in the three-person disciplinary committee. Post-Punk’s termination, Danielson addressed the AEW roster, emphasizing the difficulty of the decision despite his longstanding friendship with Punk and the positive contributions Punk brought to AEW.

The Fallout: Danielson’s Tweet and Ongoing Role in AEW

In the aftermath, Danielson took to Twitter, stating, “The right thing is often the hardest thing to do. It won’t always make the most money. It won’t always be the most popular. But it’s still the right thing.” Remarkably, this was the same quote he used when communicating Punk’s departure to the AEW talent.

Danielson’s involvement in disciplinary matters persists, as he continues to be responsible for issuing fines when necessary. Despite the sensitive nature of his role, Danielson’s position is not clandestine, and even Punk was cognizant that Danielson played a part in his AEW termination.

Conclusion: A Twist in the Tale

In conclusion, CM Punk’s return to WWE after a decade brings a fascinating twist to his wrestling journey. The disciplinary committee, led by Bryan Danielson, played a pivotal role in Punk’s AEW exit. As the wrestling world watches this saga unfold, it’s clear that the dynamics behind the scenes are as gripping as the in-ring action.

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