Buff Bagwell interview highlights

Buff Bagwell On nWo Changing Wrestling Crowds, Ric Flair & More

Former WCW star Buff Bagwell recently spoke with WETM-TV NBC for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On how the New World Order (nWo) changed crowds throughout his years in WCW: “Back then, we literally had to beg 500 people to come in to watch us wrestle, for free. Just to get a show taped. All the way to 100,000 people buying tickets to come see us, so I saw the whole roller coaster, and it was really a lot of fun watching it…and the nWo was the entire reason behind that. We painted this picture of a really good storyline, and it really worked.”

On his greatest career moment and beating Ric Flair: “My greatest moment of all-time had to be the night they asked me to join the nWo, that was like asking ‘Hey, do you want to join the Dallas Cowboys?’ during their three-year World Championship run. Of course you want to join them, so it was like joining the best team at the best time. So, joining that led to so many great things. I mean, I beat Ric Flair. Which is really a rare statement, ya know, not many people can say that. I actually beat Ric Flair, which is a huge thing on my list, but that just don’t happen a lot, Ric don’t lay down much.”

Check out the complete Buff Bagwell interview at YouTube.com.

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