Buff Bagwell Talks To Title Match Wrestling

Buff Bagwell On Real Reason For His WWE Release, JR Starting Untrue Rumors

Former WWE and WCW Superstar Buff Bagwell recently spoke with the folks from Title Match Wrestling about his controversial WWE release, his issues with Jim Ross and more. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On his WWE release: “Do you really believe that you’re gonna fire Buff Bagwell over one bad match? Come on, man. Do you really believe, out there in video world, that Buff Bagwell got fired because of his mother? Do people really believe that I had my mother call the WWF and say let him off Augusta in Birmingham? Well f**k no that’s not true! Why would I do that? But people believed it. And one person was responsible: Jim Ross. And only God, Jim Ross and me know the truth, and who’s gonna believe me. Nobody… The true, true story is Jim Ross created that monster, and people believed it.”

On Jim Ross starting the rumor about his mom and if they could ever mend fences: “There’s no way to mend a fence, brother, of costing me my life. Jim Ross, I feel and I just proved on tape, Jim Ross ruined my career. He started this f***ing rumor about my mother and ruined my career. How do you mend that fence? How do you do that? Now, do I think he was the mastermind behind it all? Absolutely not… But I think Jim has all to do with what I’m talking about with my mother calling the office, and starting that rumor and everybody believed it. I think Jim was 1,000 percent behind that.”

Check out the complete Buff Bagwell interview at YouTube.com.

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