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Bully Ray On Randy Orton’s #Dive Controversy, Old-Timers He Offended

Former WWE Superstar and current Ring Of Honor (ROH) star Bully Ray (aka Bubba Ray Dudley) recently appeared as a guest on Busted Open Radio for an in-depth interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On Randy Orton’s controversial response to his #Dive photo and comments on Twitter: “The part about Randy Tweeting me is where things get wonky and I don’t understand. Because here’s the deal, that diatribe that you just read, somebody texted that to me about two days ago and I hadn’t read it. I did not read it on Rip Rodgers Twitter or Randy Orton’s Twitter or wherever it came from because I don’t follow either one of them. When I read that I thought it was funny, and I saw the last word and it said ‘dive.’ I was like ‘Oh I have that picture of me diving.’ I was kind of laughing saying to myself ‘I look like the Hindenburg falling.’

“I was making fun of myself, so the post that I put up there of ‘dive’ was kind of a tongue in cheek joke at myself because here I am the veteran and I’m doing a dive. I had no idea about anybody else’s stuff, but I guess it was coincidental. This had nothing to do with Rip Rodgers. As a matter of fact, if you go back a month ago you can see that me and Rip Rodgers, we actually have some really good back-and-forth on Twitter, where we basically agree almost one hundred percent of the time when it comes to wrestling and wrestling psychology, and that old school mantra. Rip Rodgers even went as far to Tweet me ‘Are you sure you’re not my son?’ That’ show much me and him are on the same page.

“So I would not even be talking about Rip Rodgers or taking a shot at him. If I was talking about him I would hit the little ‘@’ symbol so Rick knew I was talking about him. Now, Randy gets in on it. If I was referring to Randy, which I would not be doing at all, I would’ve added Randy. Because I’m a man and I will tell you if I am talking about you or taking a shot at you. So my Tweet had nothing to do with those people. But I did feel the need to fire back and I did. I’m sure you have that Tweet ready to go.”

On Bully Ray’s response to Randy Orton on Twitter: “And the reason why I said Randy Orton is wrong again, is because me and Randy actually have a very long history. People may or may not know the story, and I’ll try to give you the cliff notes version of what happened – About 15 years ago there was a live event between me and D-Von and Randy Orton and Batista. It was just one of those matches that just did not go the right way. It was a snake bitten match. I wound up hurting my back, Randy wound up hurting his leg and his shoulder, Dave wound up hurting his tricep – it was just one of those bad nights. Those guys held a little bit of a grudge from that night, and it went on for a long long long time. Well fast forward 10 years later, I was back in the WWE.

“Me and Randy saw each other and within an instant, we shook hands, we hugged, sat down, talked about it, and within five minutes we had exchanged apologies. Randy said ‘Bubba I’m sorry, I was young, I was immature, I should’ve never been saying those things I said about you.’ I said ‘Randy, I’m sorry too. I was a bit of a hot head back then, I’m sorry if I yelled at you for anything.’ We totally buried the hatchet. My last year in WWE with Randy couldn’t have been any better. We exchanged funny stories, we talked, we talked about doing the super 3-D together, it was a great time. He was one of the last people I said goodbye to at WWE. We both expressed to each other how happy we were that we were able to bury the hatchet. I still consider him one of the best workers in the world, okay? So I have zero clue why he needed to take that shot at me. But you know what? It’s all fine and good because me and Randy’s paths will cross again.”

On Randy Orton’s apology to “all of the old-timers” he might have offended on Twitter: “Now, he mentioned ‘old timer’ in there right? So he’s probably addressing me as the old timer right? Well, he talks about the money and the 13 titles and everything like that – yeah man, I got to agree with you. Because as far as the money’s concerned, I’ve made a boatload of it Randy, just like you. So counting that money and looking at your bank statement is freaking awesome. As far as your 13 titles are concerned, man, I’m on the same page as you, because I have 24 of them. So I’m on board with you Randy, I totally get it, brother!”

Check out the complete Bully Ray interview at SoundCloud.com.

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