Carmella & Corey Graves Go Public With Their Relationship (6/22/2019)

Carmella Comments on Alleged Nude Photo Leak

They aren’t real.

And Carmella isn’t happy about the amount of attention they are getting.

Carmella was trending on Twitter over the weekend after some adult photos of a private nature appeared to have leaked online that included herself and fellow WWE performer Corey Graves.

The women’s wrestling star surfaced on social media to address the attention the pictures have been receiving, claiming they are images that have been doctored with Photoshop, pointing specifically to the attention that has been placed by fans on a tattoo that is featured in one of the pictures that is the same as one Graves has.

According to ‘Mella, the tattoo was digitally added, and the new version of the picture does not correspond to the one that was originally published elsewhere.

“Y’all really wanna see me fail, huh,” Carmella questioned at the start of her first of a pair of posts addressing the controversial images. “Photoshop is on another level these days… 🙄. She cute, but she ain’t me.”

Carmella continued, “”ITS PHOTOSHOP!!! Do some research and you’ll find the ORIGINAL. Stop tweeting about things that you know nothing about. You’re out here trying to ruin peoples lives and careers. It’s disgusting.”

Check out the actual tweets from the official Twitter account of Carmella via the pair of posts embedded below courtesy of the official feed of the WWE Superstar.

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