Carmella Talks To Express Sport

Carmella Explains Why Reigns’ Leukemia Announcement Changed Her Perspective

WWE Superstar Carmella recently spoke with the folks from Express Sport for an interview. During the discussion, the Total Divas cast-member opened up about the recent leukemia announcement made by Roman Reigns.

Carmella explained why although she has been in WWE with Reigns, albeit on different brands, she appreciated things a lot more when they were put into perspective during his emotional speech on RAW.

“Of course it’s devastating,” said Carmella of Reigns’ situation. “But I think it just makes you appreciate the little things that much more.”

Carmella continued, “You take things maybe for granted or little things that you think are a big thing and you realize it’s really not. It makes you appreciate everything that you have a little bit more.”

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