Cesaro Reportedly Agrees To New WWE Contract

After recent reports suggested that his contract was about to expire and that he hasn’t re-signed with WWE, Cesaro has agreed to a new a deal with the company, as reported in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Dave Meltzer noted that the Swiss superstar has either verbally agreed to a new contract or has actually signed it as of a few weeks ago. Meltzer added that originally Cesaro was pegged to be in the spot that Shinsuke Nakamura ultimately got for the recent Gauntlet match that Adam Pearce ended up winning. Daniel Bryan had pitched Cesaro in that role as the babyface star who went through the field only to get screwed at the end, however, because Cesaro hadn’t agreed to a contract yet, the spot went to Nakamura instead. This would also explain why WWE hasn’t really capitalized on Nakamura’s showing in that match as he is still stalled in the same mid-card position (except as a face) despite his performance, which could also be due to there being no audience to gauge fan reaction.

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