Chad Gable

Chad Gable Believed To Be Staying With WWE; Some Believe He Signed New Contract Already

— Chad Gable is one of many current WWE stars whose contracts were set to expire sometime in 2024 and there have been a number of stories in recent weeks about Gable’s continued push within WWE despite his free agency status looming. A report today from paints a picture of a wrestler who is expected to remain in WWE with the possibility that he may have actually signed a new contract with the company.

— According to the report, Gable’s contract was originally set to expire on June 7 but days before that, WWE announced him in a match at Clash at the Castle which takes place after his deal would have ran out. Many assumed that at that point, Gable had re-upped with WWE but neither party involved made any statements to confirm that. Interestingly, other wrestlers who have had their deals come up recently have noted to other promotions that WWE has them on a pay-per-appearance basis and while no indications are that Gable is someone who the WWE has on this sort of agreement, sources in the company and in AEW believe that he has signed a new contract or at the very least will be staying with WWE.

— As revealed in a separate report, WWE apparently made him a very strong offer to stay while giving him the best singles push of his life while at the same time, AEW wrestlers had been pushing Tony Khan to sign him should he end up hitting free agency.

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