Charlie Haas Says Brock Lesnar “Only Associates With You If He Likes You”

During his recent conversation with Chris Featherstone of Sportskeeda, former WWE Tag Team Champion Charlie Haas discussed his relationship with Brock Lesnar. Check out the highlights below.

On his past interactions with “The Beast Incarnate”:

“He is a great guy. I remember, one time we rode together, just listening to country music. He’s a country boy, I’m a country boy. We both like cold beer and country music. He wants to be the best, works out hard, very hard.”

On the reason why he gets along with Brock:

“He is very stand-offish, only really associates with you if he likes you, if he knows you’re a genuine person. I think we got along so well because of our backgrounds, amateur wrestling after college, that had a lot to do with it.”

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