Charlotte Flair Talks To Mike Jones Of DC 101

Charlotte Flair Gives Big Hint About Her WM34 Entrance, Women’s Tag-Team Titles, RAW 25

Prior to last night’s WWE RAW 25th Anniversary special, Mike Jones of D.C. 101 spoke with Charlotte Flair to promote the big event. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On her entrance at WrestleMania 34 this year: “I already had that planned after WM last year. So, the peacock theme for last year was because we knew my dad was gonna be immortalized. If you look at the old wrestling magazines from the 80s, they had all of his robes and he was the peacock of wrestling. And we were like, ‘oh let’s make you a peacock’. So the robe on the cover of my book is the robe I want to do one day, but probably somewhere near the end of my career. This year, I had a specific idea and so we’ve been working on it since last Mania. (Any hints?) Warrior. You can go either way and I’m giving YOU the most. We just got an exclusive from the Queen herself about Warrior and WrestleMania in New Orleans.”

On if she thinks there will ever be Women’s Tag-Team titles in WWE: “I don’t see it right now because I just don’t think there are enough girls. And I don’t mean that ‘oh we need more women’. And if you think about it, the more titles you have, it devalues one title. Could you imagine tag titles for women on both shows? If there is a women’s show on WWE Network one day, for sure I could see that happening.”

On opening the New York Stock Exchange on Monday: “It was crazy. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Like, did I really have to ring a bell? It was just this little button that you had to press at 8:29:50 and hold it for 10 seconds. If you let go even before the 10 seconds was up you would ruin the entire day and the bell would never go off. Then everyone would boo you and I said I was used to that. But no pressure, so Alexa (Bliss) and I did it together.

“I was nervous and my heart started racing. Like, this is live and I’m used to live. I’m sure people have screwed it up before, but I’m gonna have to Google that.”

On RAW 25 and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin: “Well having Mean Gene there was pretty cool just because he was such an important part in my Dad’s career and going back to WCW before my dad wrestled Vader, when Mean Gene came to our house in Charlotte in 93. But also standing near the Gorilla Position and just being out there for Stone Cold. (How great was that?) Feeling the energy of the crowd and he is a SUPERSTAR and it was crazy to think ‘ok Stone Cold is on this show, I grew up watching him, and my dad has so much respect for him, and I’m on this show too. We’re like co-workers.’ Even though I’m in it and I grew up in the business, and I’m part of this show too. WOW. It’s surreal.”

On if she prefers being a heel or a babyface: “I really enjoy being bad. But, I will say since I’ve made the switch to SmackDown through Social and different live events, the kids are really connecting with me right now. That means a lot to me especially being a positive role model especially at signings. I’ve had kids come up to me and say ‘you were not nice to your dad’ and it crushed me. But that’s my role, and If I go back to being a bad guy, it’s because I want to be the worst bad guy to make those good guys mean that much to them that they idolize them.”

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