Charlotte Flair & Rusev Twitter War (5/21/2019)

Charlotte Flair & Rusev Continue Interesting Twitter Exchange About WWE Titles

As noted, Rusev took to social media on Monday to post what appeared to be a mocking comment about Charlotte Flair.

“Wow when it’s all said and done [Charlotte Flair] will be [a] 35 time world champ,” wrote Rusev via his official Twitter page yesterday. “The greatest superstar in the history of superstars.”

Rusev concluded, “Teach me.”

Well, ask, and you shall receive!

“The Queen” fired up her Twitter page soon after catching wind of Rusev’s comments to post a response.

“First, win one, then I’ll show you what I can,” wrote Charlotte before posting another tweet in sarcastic fashion, listing the steps Rusev should take in order to become a champion in WWE.

“Step 1 — Change your last name,” wrote Charlotte before listing the second and most important step — which she admitted she wasn’t sure of with a “fshrug” emoji.

“Step 3 — Championships,” she concluded.

Check out the interesting back-and-forth between Rusev and Charlotte Flair below.

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