Charlotte Flair Talks To The New York Post

Charlotte Offers High Praise To NXT Star, Reveals Legend She’d Work With

Charlotte Flair recently spoke with the folks from the New York Post for an interview to promote her Last Woman Standing match against Becky Lynch at the upcoming all-women’s WWE Evolution pay-per-view. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On being more comfortable as a heel: “Because I think the go-to for me [as a heel] is easy that I always just go, ‘People just assume it’s because of my dad and that’s very easy to play off of. And to me that’s the easy way out, but since I’ve come to SmackDown and being in this new role, it’s having to show so many different layers and working from underneath as the bigger guy has been a great opportunity for me to work on things.”

On Lita being the one WWE legend she would face if she had the chance: “I think having her as a mentor and then having the opportunity to face her would have to be a dream match … I just remember one time [her telling me] standing on the apron that regardless if it was a tag match and I was in the ring or not to hold my head up high and my chest up and show confidence in that I wanted to be tagged in.”

On high praise for NXT performer Bianca Belair: “Obviously she’s super athletic. But to me, inside and outside of the ring, she carries herself like a star and she just oozes confidence.”

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