Charlotte Speaks On Challenges Of Being In WWE, Sasha Banks Talks WrestleMania Main Event Aspirations

WWE stars Sasha Banks and Charlotte recently took part in a piece for ESPN to promote tonight’s Hell In A Cell pay-per-view. Charlotte opened up about what she thinks the most-challenging part of being on the WWE roster is, and it wasn’t the physicality.

“The hard part for me was not the wrestling — it was showing emotion, telling a story and being able to connect with fans,” she told ESPN. “Coming out as Ric Flair’s daughter and being called athletically gifted, it’s hard to say, “Hey, like me! You can relate to me!” It wasn’t working, so I completely switched my character. I find it easier to pretend to be the person everyone already thinks I am versus being who I am.”

Current RAW Women’s Champion Sasha Banks told ESPN that her title defense as part of tonight’s “triple main event” is a step in the right direction for women in pro wrestling.

“I think once we get a women’s main event at a pay-per-view and you drop “women’s wrestling,” that will prove we are on the same level,” Banks said of gender equality in wrestling. “A couple of years ago we were seen as the popcorn match or the bathroom break for the fans, and that’s not the case anymore.”

Banks reiterated comments she made in a September interview to promote WWE 2K17, saying that she wants to main-event a WrestleMania before she retires. The Women’s Champion says that if it doesn’t happen in her lifetime, she knows she’s helping build the foundation for the next generation of female wrestlers to have a chance at headlining wrestling’s biggest event.

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