Chelsea Green Talks ROH Best In The World Appearance

At last night’s Ring of Honor Best in the World event, former WWE talent Chelsea Green made an appearance from out of nowhere, and grabbed a spot in the upcoming ROH Women’s title tournament.

During the latest episode of her own Green With Envy podcast, Chelsea explained the way it all went down. Check out her comments below.

On how she made the appearance at ROH Best in the World:

“I need to give a shoutout to Johnny Ace [John Laurinaitis]. He has been so helpful throughout this process of me being released. When I was first released, I went to him and asked if I could forgo by 90-day pay and get back onto the Indies within a week or two. He was willing to do that for me, but with the complications of my arm, I had to get the plate removed and we decided it was best to not break my contract. When I contacted him this time around, which was a month ago, and asked if I could forgo my last week of WWE pay to appear on the ROH pay-per-view, obviously I was thinking there was no way in hell he would go for it. Mind blown. He contacted the lawyers at WWE and had me out of my contract on July 7 as opposed to July 14. I am so grateful for Johnny Ace. Him and every person at ROH are the reason I could show up and surprise the fans. Hopefully, I can keep shocking you guys and pop up in unexpected places.”

On finally making her debut in ROH:

“I know I needed to take these 90 days to prepare myself in every way possible and do things different this time. That’s one reason why I decided to stay a free agent and work for as many companies as possible for the next six months. I’m trying not to lock myself into one company. I want to experience all of the places that I wasn’t able to experience before I signed with WWE, which leads me to Ring of Honor. Ring of Honor was actually number one on my list. For years before WWE signed me, I tried to get on Ring of Honor but the place or the timing or whatever of their shows never worked in my favor, so I never had my debut. When I was released, Maria Kanellis was one of the first people I reached out to say, ‘Hey, I got fired, but I really want to work for you and would love an opportunity there.’ After seven years of wrestling, I finally got an opportunity at ROH and I’m very excited. I was very excited for the shock value, knowing I was debuting three days before the public thought my contract was up.”

On ROH having plans for her to wrestle at Best in the World:

“I found out my arm was injured. I had to call ROH and give them that news. As hard as I tried to wrestle this week, the Maryland Athletic Commission was not letting me. They were not fucking having it. I have to respect it, but I wanted to cry a bit because it’s not ideal. For the past few months, all I’ve been doing is preparing for this moment.”

(Via Fightful)

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