Chris Jericho On Enzo Amore To 205 Live

Chris Jericho Comments On WWE’s Decision To Move Enzo Amore To 205 Live

Chris Jericho recently appeared as a guest on Busted Open Radio for an interview. During the discussion, Jericho endorsed the company’s recent decision to move Enzo Amore from the RAW brand to 205 Live.

“He’s one of those guys that personality-wise he’s very bulletproof because he’s so over-the-top and he’s got such a good rap,” said Jericho. “But where else is he gonna go in the headlining position, in the heavyweight division on RAW? I think it was a great move because I don’t know what else you would do with him if you didn’t stick him in there unless he was just gonna be a manager or a commentator.”

The longtime WWE veteran would elaborate, explaining why he feels the move is good for Amore and the 205 Live brand. As Jericho explained, he will benefit from being a perfect fit for the Cruiserweight division and the brand will benefit because he will help attract more attention from the WWE Universe.

“He fits that vibe size-wise and more importantly he’s gonna bring eyeballs and attention,” said Jericho. “And people will actually pay attention to the matches that he’s in.”

With Amore being considered one of the lesser workers in the company in terms of actual in-ring ability, Jericho told a story about telling Neville months ago how one day he would be in a position to make Amore look good.

“I told Neville this months ago, I said, ‘There’s gonna come a time when you’re gonna have to make him look good, that’s the job of guys like you and me. It doesn’t matter if he’s good. That’s not his responsibility, that’s yours now,'” Jericho said. “Neville’s gonna have to do anything he can to make that match work the same way that all the great workers in time do that.”

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