Chris Jericho Recalls Coming Up With WWE Money In The Bank Match Concept (May 2019)

Chris Jericho Reflects On Coming Up With MITB Match Concept, Small Touch Vince Added

Chris Jericho previewed Sunday’s WWE Money In The Bank 2019 pay-per-view during a recent edition of his Talk Is Jericho podcast.

During the show, Jericho recalled coming up with the concept for the first-ever Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

“Wrestlemania 2005… there was a group of guys going into Wrestlemania, all high profile kind of former world champion type guys, who did not have a match for Wrestlemania,” Jericho said. “Such talents as Edge, Chris Benoit, Kane, myself, maybe RVD, Shelton Benjamin was one of the cats that was in that. And nobody had a program or a match. So, they were trying to think of something for everyone to do. Everyone was coming up with all these dumb ideas. Like one of the ideas was for me, Benoit, and Edge to have a three way submission match. The only way to win would be through submission. That would be kind of boring.”

Jericho continued, explaining how he came up with the idea for the unique match concept.

“So I came up with the idea of a six man ladder match,” said Jericho. “So, I took the idea to Brian Gewirtz, who was a good writer at the time and he said ‘What’s at stake?’ I said ‘Why don’t you have a contract where the winner gets a title shot the next night’. Then Brian said ‘Why don’t you make it so you can use it at any time over the following year and you can cash it in at any time?’

“So we took that to Vince and Vince agreed,” said Jericho. “[He] loved the idea. His only concession was the contract had to be in a briefcase.”

Finally, Jericho spoke about the small touch that Vince McMahon added to it, as he insisted that it be a briefcase hanging above the ring.

As usual, Vince was right.

“Knowing how Vince is, maybe he wanted people to actually see it,” Jericho said. “Rather than just a piece of paper hanging there. You could carry it. You could use it. It was a really cool three way invention of the match, even though Vince’s little thing was just the briefcase, the briefcase has become synonyms with the show. It’s on the poster right now as a matter of fact.”

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