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Chris Jericho On Rib Pulled On Him By Mark Henry, Anthrax Hotel Story

As noted, Chris Jericho recently appeared as a guest on Rock 100.5’s “Bailey And Southside” show for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On how fans know so much about his business and life, such as his travel arrangements: “It always freaks me out whenever you fly to a town, right, specifically with [pro] wrestling, you’ll fly somewhere and you’ll get to, like, Peoria, Illinois, you get off the plane and there’s like a gaggle of fans there waiting for you. They want an autograph, ‘sign my picture,’ ‘sign my action figure,’ whatever. And I’m always like, ‘how do you guys know what flight I’m on?’ This is not a group flight. Like, I missed my flight and I had to get another one and I had to go through whatever and there [are] still the same people there.” Jericho added, “somewhere out there, there’s some kind of a stooge that’s giving out what flight number I’m on.”

On a rib pulled on him by Mark Henry: “When the guy came and got me, it was Jeff Jarrett that came to knock on my door, like, ‘come on, we’ve got to watch this,’ I left the little thing in the door, so the door was open. The little key lock. Yeah, so when I go back in my room, the lights are all off and I’m like, ‘what the hell happened? Like, I didn’t leave the lights off.’ So I’m walking in there and as I’m walking towards the light switch, I get attacked by this giant bear! And this guy takes me down and I’m like, screaming so scared, ‘ahh, ahh, ahh’ and all I see are these big, white eyes. And then, I hear the laughter and it’s Mark Henry, who’s super African-American, dark. He’s super dark, super big. So in the dark, he was even darker and he went and hid in there and then attacked me as I went in the room and started laughing. We still laugh to this day.”

On sharing a hotel with rock band Anthrax: “We were in Nuremberg, Germany a couple of months ago and we just happened to be in the same hotel as Anthrax. They had the day off, so they came to our show. And then, afterwards, you have catering after a wrestling show. When we’re done, we go back to the hotel and have catering. So I started having some cocktails with Frankie [Bello] and Jon [Donais] from Anthrax, which led to a complete trashing of the catering room at about 6 in the morning to where nobody could eat breakfast there. They had to move catering. Like Rusev is down there, like Cesaro is down there, ‘we want breakfast. The catering was trashed. We have to go upstairs. Who did that?’ ‘Anthrax. Freaking Anthrax, man. It’s Anthrax’s fault.’ It was more my fault than anything, but I just blamed them, ‘you know those Anthrax guys are crazy!'”

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