Chris Jericho Says AEW Will Thrive With or Without CM Punk On The Roster

— Chris Jericho made an appearance on Mark Madden’s radio show yesterday and the topic of CM Punk’s status with AEW and his relationship with Jericho came up. When Madden teased that Jericho was probably not going to be on Punk’s “Christmas Card List”, Jericho responded that he doesn’t have to be and that they can co-exist but that he feels that ultimately AEW will succeed with or without Punk’s involvement:

“I’m not [on Punk’s Christmas card list] but I wasn’t on Scott Hall’s Christmas card list, or I wasn’t on Eric Bischoff’s Christmas card list, you don’t have to be best friends to co-exist. To me, that’s not really my wheelhouse, I’m not in charge of that. I’m sure there will be some answers to that pretty quickly, I would assume, either way. But to us, AEW is going to thrive and survive with or without him.”

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