Chris Jericho Appears On Busted Open Radio

Chris Jericho Touts Success Of “Alpha vs. Omega” Match At Wrestle Kingdom 12

Chris Jericho recently appeared as a guest on the Busted Open radio show with hosts Dave Lagreca and Bully Ray. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On being able to draw money in the wrestling business and the success of his “Alpha vs. Omega” match at Wrestle Kingdom 12 against Kenny Omega: “You have to draw money. And this to me, is probably the biggest example of Jericho drawing money. WWE and WrestleMania for example -that’s a brand. People are going, no matter what. I think in this day and age, WWE is the biggest draw. With Wrestle Kingdom, that wasn’t the case. There was certain goals that New Japan had that were blown out of the water with the announcement of ‘Alpha vs. Omega.’ And that was completely on me. I’m a numbers guy, I was calling every day. ‘What’s the updated tickets? What’s the updated tickets?’ We sold, 35,000, paid. Last year, they did 26,000.”

On taking credit for the significant increase in subscriptions during the Wrestle Kingdom 12 show: “I’m taking it credit for it. I don’t think the subscriptions would have been there,” Jericho stated. “That’s 2,500 people that flew from America, England, wherever. Show me any independent show in the United States that draws 2,500 people in your home country, nowadays. It’s pretty rare.”

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