Chris Jericho's WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Pay Revealed

Chris Jericho’s Pay For Recent WWE PPV Revealed, Backstage News On Styles/Lesnar

The Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles Survivor Series match could see a finish where Styles wins after interference from a wrestler who is set to face Lesnar later on, much like WWE did in the past with Eddie Guerrero vs. Lesnar at No Way Out by having Goldberg interfere. Lesnar defeated Styles last year in the exact same match so it’s unlikely that WWE want the same result in back-to-back years. However, a clean Styles win over Brock is also unlikely to happen as in Vince McMahon’s eyes, that would cheapen the victory by whoever ultimately beats Lesnar for the Universal title.

According to the Observer Newsletter, WWE paid Chris Jericho $100,000 for working the Greatest Royal Rumble earlier in the year. The report also notes that if Jericho ended up wrestling the Casket Match against the Undertaker instead of the actual Rumble, he would still have gotten paid the same amount.

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