Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels Reveals Why He Thinks WWE Will Never Sign Him

Ahead of his appearance at the Ring Of Honor: Supercard of Honor event, former Impact Wrestling star and current ROH standout Christopher Daniels spoke with WSVN-TV Entertainment’s Chris Van Vliet for an interview.

During the discussion, which you can watch in full above, Daniels spoke with Van Vliet about his feeling that he likely won’t ever end up in WWE before his career comes to a close.

“I don’t think so man,” said Daniels when asked if he felt WWE would ever sign him. “Honestly, I’m sure the WWE’s not looking for 47-year old rookies and that’s fine with me.”

“The timing of my career worked out where when I might have been interesting to them, were times that I was under contract with TNA or Ring of Honor,” said Daniels. “And that’s fine with me.”

Daniels concluded, “I’m happy to build up Ring of Honor as best I can.”

Check out the complete Christopher Daniels interview via the official YouTube channel of WSVN-TV Entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet.

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