CM Punk & Jack Perry Reportedly Suspended Pending Investigation; AEW All Out Participation in Doubt


Over the weekend, AEW (All Elite Wrestling) held a spectacular event, “All In,” at the iconic Wembley Stadium in London. However, the buzz surrounding the event wasn’t solely about the in-ring action. Instead, the spotlight shifted to a backstage altercation that occurred between two prominent figures in the wrestling world – CM Punk and Jack Perry. This unexpected incident has raised eyebrows and left fans wondering about the future of both wrestlers.

The Suspensions and Investigation

Recent reports have indicated that CM Punk and Jack Perry have been suspended indefinitely in the aftermath of their backstage confrontation. According to Bryan Alvarez from, the wrestling community was taken by surprise as news of their suspensions broke. These suspensions, pending an investigation, cast a shadow over their participation in the highly anticipated All Out PPV in Chicago, scheduled for the upcoming weekend.

The Altercation Details

Nick Hausman, a credible source from, has shed some light on the details of the altercation. Contrary to earlier speculations, Punk voluntarily left the venue on Saturday and was not instructed to do so. The incident unfolded in the backstage area when Jack Perry approached CM Punk. Punk, reportedly, questioned Perry with a straightforward “Do we have a problem?” Perry’s response, “Do something about it,” escalated the tension. Subsequently, Punk used a front face lock to defuse the situation, and the altercation did not escalate to physical violence.

The Blame Game

In a contrasting viewpoint, has expressed that Jack Perry might face more blame for his role in the altercation than CM Punk. The report suggests that Perry, as the initiator of the incident, may shoulder a larger portion of the responsibility. Furthermore, Perry’s on-air comments, made during live TV, are believed to have contributed to the backstage trouble. This insight highlights the complex dynamics of backstage interactions and how they can impact the wrestlers’ careers.

Repercussions and Speculations

The suspension of two prominent wrestlers ahead of a major PPV event has sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling community. Fans are left speculating on the potential consequences of this incident. While Punk and Perry’s futures remain uncertain, the incident sheds light on the challenges of maintaining a harmonious backstage environment amidst the pressure of high-stakes events.

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