CM Punk Claims He Is Only "WWE-Adjacent" Right Now, Excited To Be Weekly TV Critic Of WWE

WWE Other Photos & Videos |By Matt Boone |Thu, November 21, 2019 - 3:46PM EST
CM Punk Talks WWE Status On "The Herd with Colin Cowherd" (VIDEO)

Following his much-talked-about return before the WWE Universe on this past Tuesday night's episode of WWE Backstage On FS1 (Watch Full Video Here), CM Punk appeared on "The Herd with Colin Cowherd" to discuss his actual status with the company.

Prior to his appearance on the widely-viewed sports talk program, the pro wrestling mega-star took to social media to hype up the fact that he will be talking more about WWE on the show.

"Jumping on [The Herd] with Colin Cowherd to talk about WWE on FOX," wrote Punk via his official Twitter page (@CMPunk). "And [the MLB's Houston] Astros stealing signs."

After hitting the "Tweet" button on his phone, the same thing he advised Seth Rollins to do less of during his WWE Backstage On FS1 return earlier this week, the 0-2 former UFC fighter then took to his spot on the set of The Herd for his live interview.

According to "The Best in the World," while he will be co-hosting a weekly series dedicated to WWE, he has not actually returned to the company, but instead what he described as, "WWE 'adjacent,'" during his appearance on The Herd.

The following is the opening exchange between Punk and Cowherd from the interview earlier this week:

Colin Cowherd: "You’re at WWE and you’re a star, you get into a well-documented feud, say you’re done, and then you leave, why come back?"

CM Punk: "Well, I’m not 'back', I work with you now. I’m a FOX employee. You don’t work for the NFL?"

Cowherd: "No, but I’m in conjunction."

Punk: "Right, so I’m in 'conjunction' [both laugh]… I’m WWE 'adjacent.'"

Cowherd: "You’re not a guy who worries too much about filter -- are you concerned as a ‘no-filter’ guy that you could upset the WWE?"

Punk: "I’m not concerned about it and I think that’s honestly the appeal of the job. ‘Were going to pay you to come here and be an analyst and you get to critique the old place that you work at.’ I’m not here just to be a spoiler and here to pour gasoline on anything to set everything on fire. Deep down I love pro wrestling. It could be better and I always voiced my concerns and criticisms while I worked there, and now I don’t work there, and now I can’t get in trouble for it."

The WWE On FOX Twitter feed (@WWEonFOX) also covered Punk's appearance on the sports talk program, tweeting the following clip from the appearance this week:

Check out the complete one-on-one interview between CM Punk and Colin Cowherd from The Herd with Colin Cowherd via the following video embedded below courtesy of the official YouTube channel for The Herd.


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