CM Punk Talks To The Associated Press

CM Punk Not Ruling Out Another MMA Fight, Is Ruling Out WWE Return

Former WWE Superstar and UFC fighter Phil “CM Punk” Brooks recently spoke with Dan Gelston of the Associated Press and once again stuck to his guns when the subject of a potential return to the squared circle came up.

Gelston brought up the fact that WWE fans still chant CM Punk’s name at events from time-to-time and asked if he is aware of that and if he still keeps up with the WWE product.

“I don’t pay attention,” said Punk. “People seem to get upset when I say that. Punk is aware of fans chanting his name at WWE events. You stop it and five years later people still talk about you? Fans still chant your name? That’s powerful to me.”

As far as a return to the ring is concerned, Punk again reiterated what he has said in several past interviews, noting “that chapter of his life is closed.”

In terms of his future, Punk will be making his debut as a commentator for Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC) event on UFC Fight Pass on December 14th. Additionally, he has not ruled out a return to the cage to fight again.

“Since my last fight, I’ve been juggling a half-dozen things,” said Punk. “I kind of gave myself a deadline of the beginning of the new year to find out what is coming next. I don’t rule anything out, absolutely not.”

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