CM Punk Talks To The Associated Press

CM Punk Recalls His Final Days In WWE: “I Was Crying Out For Help”

As noted, with his second Octagon appearance scheduled for UFC 225 in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois this Saturday, former WWE Superstar Phil “CM Punk” Brooks has been making the media rounds this week.

In a new interview with Dan Gelston of the Associated Press, “The Best in the World” spoke about his frustration in WWE grew as time went on years ago.

“I was crying out for help,” Punk admitted. “I wasn’t finding it. I really needed to focus on me. Some people want to say it’s dramatic, but I watched friends in wrestling turn to drugs and alcohol and eventually die because they can’t get the help that they need.”

Punk continued, “I had to force myself to do it and step back. I’m not the one to generally ask for help. So when I finally was doing it, that should have alarmed a lot of people .. but it didn’t. I was just one of the cattle.”

Additionally, Punk spoke about talking with UFC President Dana White following his first UFC fight — and loss — against Mickey Gall at UFC 203 almost two years ago.

“I talked to him [the] day after and was just like, ‘If you cut me, you cut me. I get it. Just know that I’m going to fight somewhere else.’ That was neither a threat or anything [else]. I was just like, ‘Hey, I get it. Whatever your decision is, it’s cool with me.'”

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