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CM Punk Reportedly Did More Than “Lunging” at Tony Khan Leading To His Release

It appears that there was a backstage altercation involving CM Punk at AEW Collision, which ultimately led to his release from the company. According to Dave Meltzer’s account in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, here’s a summary of what allegedly transpired:

  1. Jack Perry, also known as Jungle Boy, reportedly came backstage and was confronted by CM Punk. Punk aggressively asked Perry if he had a problem.
  2. Perry, seemingly trying to generate heat for his heel character, responded in some manner, which further escalated the situation.
  3. Punk then allegedly shoved Perry hard, and a physical altercation ensued. Punk reportedly sucker-punched Perry and attempted to choke him.
  4. Others quickly intervened to break up the fight, including AEW CEO Tony Khan, who got involved and yelled at Punk to let Perry go.
  5. After being separated from Perry, Punk allegedly made a threatening move towards Tony Khan, but was prevented from doing anything further by a group of people.
  6. During the altercation, Punk repeatedly shouted, “I quit” at Khan, and monitors were reportedly knocked down in the process.
  7. Samoa Joe, another wrestler, attempted to calm down CM Punk after the incident.

Dave Meltzer, in a subsequent discussion on Wrestling Observer Radio, suggested that the term “lunging” was an understatement for Punk’s actions during the altercation, implying that Punk’s behavior was even more aggressive than initially described.

It’s important to note that these details come from a “neutral” source’s account and should be taken as unverified information until officially confirmed by those involved or the promotion itself. Wrestling rumors and backstage incidents can sometimes be subject to varying interpretations and perspectives.

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