CM Punk Says Brock Lesnar Matchup Was His Favorite At SummerSlam, Talks Renee Young and more

Former WWE superstar and analyst CM Punk held a Q&A on his Twitter earlier today where the Chicago Savior answered a multitude of pro-wrestling related questions. Highlights are below.

On working with Renee Young:

Renee is the best. Super excited for her! Can’t wait for the cook book and the podcast.

His favorite part of doing commentary for CFFC:

I love talking to the fighters. I love the emotion. I know how hard it is. It’s art.

Reveals the reason behind a famous photo of him and John Cena:

John lost a bet.

Best compliment he’s ever received from another wrestler:

After a six man, Fujiwara Hugged me and said “tonight, best worker in match”.

His favorite match from SummerSlam that he’s been involved in:

Vs Brock for sure.

Check out all of his answers in the thread below.

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