Cody Rhodes

Cody Legally Allowed To Use Full Name Again: “It Feels Really Good To Be Cody Rhodes Again!”

Following last night’s AEW Dynamite, Cody cut a promo after the show went off air noting that he is now free to legally use the full name “Cody Rhodes” for wrestling purposes.

He used that name in WWE but has been involved in a back-and-forth tussle with his former employer over rights to the name.

WWE originally owned the trademark, but let it expire in April of this year, prompting Cody to immediately file a request for the name.

That was denied in July but a few days ago, WWE abandoned their rights to the name, effectively turning it over to Cody.

Recently, Cody himself abandoned two trademarks WWE was interested in (“The Match Beyond” and “Slamboree”) so very likely this tied into those actions.

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