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Cody Rhodes On Aldis-Gordon Showdown At ROH Honor For All & Upcoming All In Event

In a new video released for tonight’s ROH: Honor For All event, Cody Rhodes talks about NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis defending against Flip Gordon.

During the video, which you can watch above, Cody spoke about whether or not he feels Aldis is really ready for their All In showdown on September 1st.

“Flip Gordon is a nice guy. A nice guy,” Cody said in the video. “So is my gardener, so is my limo driver, neither of them should be in the locker room. Even with the strides that Flip Gordon has made as a competitor. Even being friends with Matt and Nick Jackson, it hasn’t landed him a spot on ‘All In.'”

Cody continued, “So, I’m perplexed as to why Nick Aldis would want to give Flip Gordon an NWA Worlds Championship match? What if you lose? … See, Nick, I don’t think you understand what “All In” means. It’s not a cheap, gimmicky phrase, no, it’s not just pushing your chips across the table, it’s laser focus. It’s taking no other priorities, it’s paddling out without seeing the other side of the lake, it’s the white knuckles, it’s the gold, the buckle. It’s going without that backup chute and jumping! So, when you’re done in Nashville with this ‘public workout’ with Flip Gordon, ask yourself the real question. Are you ready to be “All In”? Are you ready to jump?”

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