Cody Rhodes Twitter Q&A Highlights

Cody Rhodes Gets Worked Up During Twitter Q&A, Talks Vince Holding People Back

Cody Rhodes recently took part in a Q&A with his followers on Twitter. During the Q&A, Rhodes got heated at a fan who claimed he was being “political” in his responses regarding WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Check out some of the highlights below.

On whether or not Vince McMahon holds talent back that comes up from NXT and talents becoming lazy once they get their first live event check “He doesn’t hold anybody back,” Rhodes replied. “A lot of times it’s hard for fans to accept that some of their favorites have a ways to go or that they become lazy after they get that first [live event] check.

“Stardust for example didn’t go beyond tag gold cuz’ I wasn’t improving [and] I also got outta’ shape.”

On whether or not he is back-tracking regarding previous comments he made about the subject: “I’ve never said I was being held back. Never. The context of the question can change my answers. I’m sure sometimes I sound bitter or sometimes I sound humble. Fans who follow me get a more clear picture of who I am. You’re insane if you think I can do @ALL_IN_2018 and a return.”

On another user claiming Cody was being political in his response because saying Vince doesn’t hold people back is “flat out false”: “Don’t comment directly on my tweet as if I don’t see it. How’s my answer to a fan in a random Q/A remotely political? I have zero to gain. I worked there, you didn’t…you bought a ticket, not an education. Sit the f–k down.”

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