Cody Rhodes Talks About WWE Not Allowing Him To Use Last Name

Cody Rhodes: “I Don’t Mind That WWE Took Away My Last Name”

Former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes recently spoke with the folks from the Sports Illustrated “Extra Mustard” blog about WWE owning the rights to the “Rhodes” last name.

The son of the legendary “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes explained to the outlet why he doesn’t necessarily consider it a big deal that WWE is currently not allowing him to use the name.

“I’ll tell you this, and I’ve not told anyone this, but I don’t mind that WWE took away my last name,” Cody Rhodes told the Sports Illustrated website. “Deep down, in my bones, I definitely want it back – and I have plans to get it back – but there is something to being Cody.”

Rhodes would go on to elaborate, claiming that he is fine with the situation and pointed out that if he wasn’t, it wouldn’t be a difficult issue to resolve.

“The longer I don’t have a last name, the more I’m OK with it,” said Rhodes. “That’s not to say WWE is holding it ransom. It’s literally an intellectual property law that easily can be remedied, but there is something about being Cody that I don’t mind. There is something to not always reminding people of a show they’ve already seen, but instead embracing the one right in front of him.”

Rhodes concluded, “I am Cody, and I can promise you that the future is going to be even better than the past.”

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