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Cody Rhodes: “Maybe In My Heart, The End Game Is To Go Back To WWE”

It looks like Cody Rhodes is not only open to the idea of a WWE return, he considers it foolish to say it will never happen.

The man who recently captured GFW gold and joined The Bullet Club recently spoke with Rolling Stone and addressed the possibility of returning to WWE.

“Maybe in my heart, the end game is to go back to WWE,” said Rhodes. “But it’s definitely not in the forefront of my mind.”

Rhodes continued, “Each time I go out there, I find out a little bit more about where I’m ultimately happy being.”

He would go on to elaborate, explaining that he doesn’t understand those who say they’ll “never” go back to WWE. He added that he doesn’t even feel like he has been “burned” by WWE at all, despite the fact that the two parted ways this year.

“I think people who say, ‘I’m never going back to WWE,’ I don’t understand that,” said Rhodes. “I had a lot of gripes, and those are things that I’d be a hypocrite if I went back and didn’t try to make right. But I think it’s silly when people say never, unless you’ve been burned that bad. I really can’t even say I’ve been burned at all.”

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